Coney (NEW)

  • Coney (NEW)
  • Coney (NEW)
  • Coney (NEW)
  • Coney (NEW)
  • Coney (NEW)

Coney loves the roadworks, but one day as his crew head home their truck hits a pothole. Coney is thrown from the truck and loses his memory in the fall. Will he regain his memory and make it back to the roadworks, or will he become a lost cone?


“Finally, a book about road cones! This sweet adventurous tale will have you smiling in no time, plus it answers that age-old question: 'How did that road cone end up on a lamp post?'.”
— Rhys Darby

“I love books that aren't cliche. Quirky and funny, I found myself willing Coney on to find his way back to his happy place.”
— Craig Smith (The Wonky Donkey Man)

Age recommendation: 2-7 years
240mm x 250mm

Book is autographed by David Minty.


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AUS - $20
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